08 August, 2012

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Tiba-tiba rasa nak tulis blog.Ahah , macam tade kerja.Esok exam BI , ntahlah nak tulis ape.Harap otak tak blurlah masa tuuu . Idea datang mencurah-curap. Pray .Teringat kat Wani dan Bariyyah , mudah je jawap . Senang ar nak skor A kan . So k , so k ... Have time to me to repair my mistakes. I just got new book , Sejarah. Oldest question years . Hmm , can anwering it clearly because the question under my knowledge .

Hah , want to be a doctor or lecturer . Whatever else , because all my fate under a secret of Allah .. Emmm , my tongue was twisted because readed English's words. Why that ? What can be like that ? Uh , cannnot give up easily . Have time to me to repair the mistakes .

I love my English's teacher . Her name is Pn.Sumarni . She's so beautiful and nice and kind . She's never forget us although she doesn't teaches my class anymore . Hehe blogger-emoticon.blogspot.com

i heart who cannot sleep because worry about Ummah !
i heart who love to back to Allah !
i heart who was leave their black live to new live !
i heart , who wake me up to pray !
i heart my parents
i heart my siblings
i heart my future zauj
i heart who love me only because of Allah .

p's : Rindu bulan Tarbiyyah , pabila hati mulai cair akan hidayah-NYA !

شهيرا حمدان
19 Ramadhan 1433

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