25 April, 2012

Tadi usrah


Bila jadi baik, susah.Jadi jahat lagilah susah.Post status islamik sikit , orang mula ejek.Koya alim la , berlagak warak la , perase baek la and whatever else yang memanglah menyakitkan hati.

O people,why you always make me disspointed? Are me make anything wrong.Make you angry or unhappy? I'm sorry if that make you do like that.I here.Lonely.Find the way what lost from me.Bright like sun , like moon ... Aren't i can find the way ? NO!

Just now , i was returned form school whom was held usrah . I'm dumbed ! I dont know what to say , dont know.Try to think ,  try to remember what was i read the last. But , my attitude make other naqibah feel not comfortable.Maybe.I think so ~

O Allah , help me to find my way.O Allah , calm my soul and help me to do what the better must i do with YOUR blessing.Thanks Allah.


Is missing him very much.Allah ...

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