16 February, 2012


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Alhamdulillah.Already finish to adjust blog.Find the new blogskin to change my blog.Look , too different! HAHA.And i want to tell you all , actually , my name is Siti Nor Syahira not Ummu Sulaim.Ummu Sulaim just my nickname.Poem what i type in facebook status, sometimes i'll copy it from sahabiah at facebook and sometimes i write myself.From my heart.

And i must remember 100 word of Arabic . Month 3 insyaAllah , have an exam to students in MTM .
And i must read carefully , dont lazy myself !
Oh Tuhan <3

Em, at afternoon . have a meeting of BADA. badan Dakwah . I'll got stuff of acedemik and education with my friend.Asyikin.Em, watif got an usrah and tamrin.Najwa and fatimah got job in mosque.

I hope i can implement my job carefully and perfect ! ahha insyaAllah.

Ok , that all.see you again.


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