16 February, 2012

Marwa the Martyrs

Wajah para syuhadah.sungguh 6 bulan kembali semua ke pangkuan Ilahi .
Wajahnya suci , manis senyumannya , terbuka matanya demi melihat keindahan syurga didepan mata


I put my short icon is ' Marwa Syuhada ' . you know why , it is because the baby who is syahidah in cruel armys' hand .Her name is Marwa Adil Bahar just 6 month. MasyaAllah . May Allah bless you sis and places you with the high place . insyaAllah..And syuhada because she's martyrs :)

And I got it. And i hate the army ! Oh you is most bad from animals you know ! You kill who not wrong and they not do anything to you . But why you kill them with gun , bomb , necluar and what ever can make them died.But i know , it all their fate who is arranging from Allah SWT . But the prime master , Rejim Bashar Asad very cruel person. He's so able to kill his people !!!

Ikhwah palestine, syria , afgans , pakistan , i don't know what was happen to you all . I'm lazy to read about you and i forget you when i lough . I dont remember , you all are crying at your country . I'm sorry ........

Please sent me there tooooooooooooo...

I hope ya Allah , success me in the world and sucess too us at HEREAFTER.

Subhanallah , Alhamdulillah , Allahuakhbar

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