26 February, 2012

Love make me crazy !

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Assalamualaikum and Hye 

I don't believe it ! I falling in love with my classmates. For information , i live in first class who mixed girls and boys . He's a school prefect as you know . HAHA , its crazy . And i already dream myself that i'll marry with him , get child , and watever after marriage . HEHEHE gilak !

And , Allah opens my mind . Today , i see his weakness and whatever that make i feel down my love to he . Very awesome , right ?! 

And , today . Wani story about her siblings . Whos' the body was enter the 'thing' from supernatural . Ah , i don't want story about it anymore . Make bristle the hairs ! 

And , owh . Study . I'' target A in maths . My action totally not wrong .I go to class tuition, of course i get A's in Maths. if i revision before exam . Yes , its me if you want to know. 

haha , i gotcha . who want to know about me ? forget it !

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