29 February, 2012

Sombong !

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If you get score marks in exam even , if do not share ur knowledge .
very useless !

Just stop arrogant urself . It not useful , u know !
If i want know ur knowledge , the knowledge who save in ur mind to share with me . Just share !
Don't talking more or muddled . Just break my heart .

I help you in the case of house , you won't help me in study ?
You good to bring the crazy title !
Or , you want you only success in this family ?
Or because you study in top school ?
Or what ?

Or , i just school in madrasah or pondok who the school situated in village , while you school in city area ?
Why you always make me hate you ?!
My heart always down down and down 
Stop to bully me in physical and mental.

I weak ...... but it not necessarily weak in other problems.

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