10 June, 2012

Little bit of sacrifice

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim , Sollu Alan Nabiy


Please  , i know i cannot go seriouly with acedemic subjek while i can go faster than the subjek in religious . I know maybe disable to i hold a knife and whatever matter to make a surgery . Meanwhile , i can to teach people about religious. I want to be a lecturer of usuluddin course . Pray 4 me . Whatever i do , certainly it better for me . Alhamdulillah .

I aware , driving my parents to send me and my siblings to school is one of the sacrifice. I respect them . Respectively ! And i know , i dont want to make them disspointed . I know i not like my big sister or other siblings but me is me . Without disspointed them , i want to make their life full of happiness . Hahaha what a dream ?!

When i type this letter , my hand is 'stuttering' because i rare make like this. Different with him , smart ...
IKotlah .

Doakan saya.
# Sy tahu tak ada org yg baca pom :')

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