15 June, 2012

One time , i'll found YOU

Gratitude to Allah should be as regular as your heart beat. -Reeham Agiz 
Gratitude to Allah should be as regular as your heart beat. -Reeham Agiz 

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.Sollu Alan Nabiy.


Allah , i have one request . This request not just for myself but for others poeple too . O Allah , please saving and take care our heart and soul . An aqidah , saving us . O Allah , please meet me with YOUR dignity home . Kaabah , i want go there with my family .  InsyaAllah.

Allah , i know . PMR is going around the corner . I have a awereness on that but Allah please stirred my soul with reading.I love reading actually but i didn't reading well . Oh my . What should i do ?

Allah , i didn't know . But YOU ALMOST KNOW . BETTER KNOW than me . So , please lead my hand to stay in this life.


Syahira Hamdan
26 Rejab 1433

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