13 June, 2012

Will get the hope

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.Sollu Alan Nabiy .


I had a flu . My head become dizzy and i should swoon for a while . But Allah saves me and i will be okay . InsyaAllah .. It sneezing but not stopping . Please , i dont want any tissues in my hand . And please , don't have asthma okay ?!

Tomorraw , my school will helding teacher's day . I must oversee the pupils . Gratefully , i was placed at kiosk not at the ladder or toilet . Uiieeee , wek . I dont want . I think , it will be fantastic teacher's day tomorrow although a few teachers must has courses at YIK . However , it will be majestic because pupils cannot enters their classroom but only can enter in hall . Hoho , having a fun !

After back from school , my father had meal expense on Marrybrown Restaurant . The meal here , yeah delicious but KFC or McD most delicious . The caslo ( salad ) , fresh from sugar -.-
But i still eat that , huu that my favourite !! Ayah  , thanks for the meal :D . Love you <3

I love Islam , and i love who follow Islam . Oh Allah , please gives me the family who loves YOU and follow YOUR instruction . Enough , i dont want to think or remember that guy because this is not gives any benefits . Either me or you .

Heh him . For a long , not online his facebook . I wait your status akhi :'p

# Rasa malu jika budak umur 14 tahun ke bawah baca saya punya entry . Pasti tergelak-gelak sebab my grammar kurang sikit . Hehe ^^ #

Wassalam .
Lecturer Sya :D

New words ;pp

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