26 June, 2012

Thank you !!!

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.Sollu Alan Nabiy

Assalamualaikum .

Tadi rasa nak geram pun ada . If know u ask a help so please be thanked for who was helped you . Yes i know that you are gentle , righteous or otherwise but please be thanked for a while. It just one word ' thanks ' or maybe can be a two words ONLY ' timo kasih ' .....

It remainds me to Allah . Allah was said that who thanked to HIM so Allah gives him more than before . I admit , sometimes i'm in this group who didn't to thanked to Allah . Maybe didn't remember or default with dunya. Or maybe something more beneficial . I understand how heart who was been dissapointed  ... But in this case , Allah SWT didn't dissapointed but HIM warth . Yelah , orang bagi rezeki tanak ucap thanks kan .

Oh Allah , please enters me at the group . A group of a little ..A little who thanked to YOU . only YOU our Most Merciful God .

I'm apology my friend . It only a contemporary of my heart . Huhu sorry .

Syahira Hamdan
7 Syaaban 1433

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