12 June, 2012

Word of Success

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim.Sollu Alan Nabiy


Today , i feel uncomfortable. My works does not go on . It like 'unrestricted' . I got my mathematics result today ,  it it it is very dissapointed. How can i told my parents ? I dont want.I'll must try hardly and smartly :')

And religious group of women today is competition at i dont know . In my class , has 4 pupils enters nasyid . Such as Ashikin , Awatif, Hilwani and Hanisah . First , indeed , i enter but i withdraw because i can't . I can't following their rhythmic leg.It hards to me , not because i give up ! 

Cause my nasyid's friends not in the class , so i sit down beside Nurin . She's very brilliant and have a good attitude . I tell her i cannot go easily with acedemic subjek but i can go with religious subject . Besides that , i tell her that i dont want my parents dissapointed . She tell me :) ...

That , we must balance this . Study acedemic not become trouble if we hard to study and if we do not learn it , so easily we can cheated alive by poeple . Oh no , i dont want !! And study agama not trouble too .  This madah for hereafter and acedemic for dunya . 

" We must balance it . " - Nurin Athirah

" If you tell , you write , you try hardly for success but you don't make it real . Really , it useless ! "

Ok , enough here. Im sorry , i'm still learning english . Sorry for the grammar .

# Sedih , tadi beli maggi kari yang dikatakan pedas gila . Tapi hempeh , dahlah tak sedap tak pedas pulak tu macam maggi yang laennnnn :( #

Lecterur of Usuluddin course . hehe 
Pray me 

Dukhturah Sya.

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