24 March, 2012

Last post.Maybe.

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Now , i dont know what i will do . My homework didn't finish and i didn't remember that i have homework.haha.Adei , what the student me are.Hoho .And ,  tomorrow . Ofkos , the school has opened again ! Okey , are has assembly tomorrow ? I dont want . Although , i am a prefect at the school but i dont want assembly , It make my foot numbness ! =.=

And , i already iron my uniform school . Haha , dont ask me anymore. I not go school last week . For what i iron my uniform ugh . Now , i was seacrh kat google . Karangan: Remaja lari dari rumah . That BM's homework. If i not finish my homework , i'll be finished ! WAAAA , never happpennnnnnn !

That all . I just revision maths subject.Ok, little difficult . Help me T.T'

*wrong grammer, right -.-

  Dukhturah Sya   

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